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Our Team


          with over 30 years experience in the automotive industry

Greg Hall

President & CEO

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Cindy Hultquist
Program Manager

With a breadth of experience as an entrepreneur in Energy Efficiency and Retail Automotive, Greg connects at every level. 

Cindy's certifications and skills enable her to oversee projects in brand marketing, training, sales and consulting. With expertise in managing national program, she brings understanding of projects and people to ensure required results and satisfaction. 


Allan Barnwell

Kathryn Ball



Jonathan Rignall
JTA Data Scientists

Strategic Partner

JTA is a leading-edge consultancy firm specializing in providing its clients with access to world class Data Scientists by offering a range of integrated services covering Data Platforms, Data Analysis and Data Reporting.

Helen Hall


CX Venue

As co-founder of Apple Energy Group, Helen has played key roles in project management and marketing. Now, through CX Venue, she has become a strategic partner in research and customizing the essentials of the Customer Experience.

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