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Automotive Experience

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Training and Coaching

AEG and Greg Hall recently completed a project leading a national team of 19 automotive trainers delivering in-store service department coaching and training for Ardent Learning in 545 Nissan dealerships across the U.S. Simultaneously, AEG led a national team of 5 automotive trainers delivering in-retailer service department facilitation for Ardent Learning in 72 Infiniti dealerships.

Greg has delivered training for Maritz with GM and Ford throughout the U.S. and Canada, including Customer-Driven Processes in both sales and service.

Office Meeting

 Project Management

Apple Energy Group is a trusted partner for numerous companies in analyzing gaps, developing solutions, and implementing plans and processes to help achieve growth and facilitate successful change.

Projects have included content development, training, media production, branding, and marketing.


Retail Automotive

Greg Hall has worked in various positions in automotive dealerships from Mechanic, Sales Associate, Sales Manager, F&I Director, to the General Manager over six dealerships. His unique combination of experiences enable him to assist automotive OEMs and dealerships on multiple levels.


 Speaking & Facilitating

Greg Hall, AEG's CEO, is a regular speaker at World Shopper Automotive Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Greg enjoys facilitating  Executive Manager workshops and hosting Dealer 20 Groups.

"Greg Hall (AEG) brought a wealth of knowledge and dedication  . . . excellent people skills helped him engage the managers and front line personnel at every step. His training sessions were well attended because he made them pertinent to real world challenges faced by the advisors. The managers really appreciated the insights Greg would bring after he conducted on-the-drive observation and "real time" training. 

I would highly recommend Greg to anyone seeking to improve their customer handling, selling, and communication skills; something of which we all could improve."

Fixed Operations Manager (FOM)

Nissan North America

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